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    Principle and Practices of Banking-03


    Welcome to your Principle and Practices of Banking-03

    21. When a company issues shares to a select group of investor which is neither a public issue nor a rights issue, it is called

    22. Which of the following is not correct in respect of targets within priority sector

    23. The concept of ‘discovered price’ is used, in the context of:

    24. In which of the following types of fund, the investment is made exclusively in govt. securities

    25. In the ______, the subscription and repurchase is available on a continuous basis

    26. The legal set up of a mutual fund is in the form of a

    27. When investment is made in other schemes of the same or different mutual funds, such fund is called

    28. Which of the following statement is correct regarding premium on life insurance policies

    29. Which of the statement is correct

    30. Which of the following transactions is backed by a letter of credit:



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