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    Principle and Practices of Banking-02


    Welcome to your Principle and Practices of Banking-02

    11. Federal reserve Board is the regulator of banking system in:

    12. A loan secured by mortgage of immovable property is repayable on demand. The period of limitation in this case will be:

    13. Lahiri Committee Recommendation relate to which of the following:

    14. Depository receipts are traded at:

    15. Miss. Neha Kushwaha is having his personal saving account with Union Bank’s Patna branch. He is also the sole trustee of Kushwaha Charitable Trust and operates the account of the trust which of also maintained with the bank. In connection with an important personal work he proposes to proceed abroad for 6 months and seeks your guidance for smooth operations in the accounts:

    16. The process of segregation of ownership and trading rights of the members in a stock exchange is called:

    17. What is the maximum extent up to which the foreign institutional investors can invest in the stock exchanges in India:

    18. The _____ shares are the shares on which the dividend accumulates if it remains unpaid for a particular year:

    19. If a bond is issued with the provision that the investor has option to replace the bond with equity at a fixed price, it is called

    20. Which of the following paves the way for listing and trading of the issuer company’s securities. Whose securities are already not listed on the stock exchange



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