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    Principle and Practices of Banking-01


    Welcome to your Principle and Practices of Banking-01

    03. If a banker allows an advance by keeping 25% margin and the amount of loan is Rs.1 lac, the value of security would be:

    08. Collateral security & margin in loan to agriculture exempted for loan:

    10. Which of the following is the regulator and supervisor of depositories:

    06. What is the maximum extent of investment in plant & machinery for MSE ancillary units:

    01. The primary dealers deal mainly with which of the following:

    02. A firm has been allowed demand loan but it has not carried any operations in the account after disbursement of the full amount. What is the limitation period for this demand loan:

    09. Inspection and processing fee in case of priority sector can be recovered if the amount of advance is:

    07. Which of the following expansion does match to the abbreviation:

    05. Whenever RBI wants to reduce the liquidity in the banking system it can resort to which of the following:

    04. Deposits and advances of a bank branch have declined and the management of the bank wants to know the reasons for the same. This will fall under the purview of:



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