PPB Mock Test-06


    Welcome to your PPB Mock Test-06

    01. A saving bank customer of Modern Bank issues a chaque of Rs.1500 in favour of M/s swastic Enterprises or order. The cheque is paid by the bank on presentation through clearing with endorsement from the payee as ‘Svastika Enterprises’. The endorsement is also confirmed by the collecting bank. The drawer claims that the payment has not been made in due course and claims refund of the amount

    02. A banking company fails to produce books, accounts and documents which it is bound to furnish under the provisions of RBI Act, what is the penalty as per Banking Law Amendment Act 2012

    03. When a chairman of managing director is removed from his post, he ceases to be a director and cannot be appointed as director during the next ______years

    04. What %age of directors in a bank should have specialized knowledge

    05. Your customer issues a cheque for Rs.10000 in discharge of his liability towards Mr. Shayam Prasad or order, who endorses the same in favour of Mr. Sita Ram In blank. This cheque

    06. A is holder of a cheque who endorses sans recourse to B and B to c and C to D who endorses it to E. cheque is dishonored

    07. Where a bank is prohibited to accept the deposit despite prohibition for not accepting the depositing the deposits, what is the punishment

    08. What is the requirement u/s 25 of b R Act, to be fulfilled by the banks in India

    09. A cheque of Rs.10000 issued by Ram Chander, one of your account holders, in favour of Shivaji is stolen by one Radhey Shyam who forges Shivaji’s signatures and endorses it in favour of Ganeshi lal, who obtain the payment from the bank. In this situation what would be bank’s position

    10. Which of the following is not a correct statement ?


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