Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking – JAIIB -part 6


    Welcome to your Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking - JAIIB -part 6

    case of mortgage (a) the limitation period against the mortgager for personal liability is _____ years (b) against the mortgaged property it is ______ years and (c) for foreclosure it is _____ years.

    Which of the following is not a capital account transaction:

    In case of creation of equitable mortgage, the property which is to be equitably mortgages, must be located in:

    Compared to a public company, a private limited company is at a disadvantage because (a) it can not invite public to subscribe to its shares (b) it has to observe restrictions on transfer of its shares because the no. of members is limited (c) its shares cannot be listed on a stock exchange (d) it cannot obtain loan from a bank.

    Under RTI Act 2005. The information can be accessed under control of a public authority. For this purpose, the public authority means any authority establishes:

    SARFAESI Act 2002 is applicable to housing finance companies whose names are notified by:

    An un-registered partnership firm (a) can file suit for enforcement of contracts entered into by it with 3rd parties (b) cannot file suit on its own partners (c) other parties cannot file suit on unregistered firm.

    A private company has two shareholders who are directors of the company also. They die in an accident:

    Under RTI Act 2005, the period for providing information is:

    (a) Certificates of Incorporation is birth certificate of a company (b) Certificate of Incorporation is conclusive evidence of creation of a company (c) on the basis of certificate of incorporation bank can open account without any other introduction (d) certificate of commencement is required both by the public and private companies:


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