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    41. A bond with a face value of Rs100 is being sold in the market for Rs.98. If the coupon rate is 5%, what is the current yield of the bond :

    42. For an effective risk management of treasury operations, it is expected of banks to ensure functional segregation between :

    43. For controlling market risk in treasury, which of the following limits are fixed : (1) counterparty exposure limit (2) pre-settlement limit (3) intra day ,overnight open position and stoploss limit (4) forex borrowing limit :

    44.The derivative products that can be directly obtained from banks are called :

    45. USD is carrying higher rate of interest while rupee is carrying lower rate of interest :

    46. The holder of a forward contract cannot get the benefit of market rate if it is better than the contracted rate, on the date of utilization. This advantage is called :

    47. A company has raised a loan at floating interest rate and it is of the view that due to tight liquidity position, the market interest rates are likely to increase. It can go for which type of interest rate swap :

    48. What is the no. of maturity buckets and what is the min. and max. period of these buckets:

    49. What is the purpose of above maturity buckets :

    50.Forward contracts are used to hedge the following risk :



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