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    31. Volatility of exchange rate in case of currency means :

    32. Which of the following is correct regarding position limits for treasury risk management :

    33. Due to bankruptcy of bank B , it has failed to meet its repayment commitments towards bank A, that had lent money to the bank in a call money market. What type of risk Bank A is exposed to :

    34. The market risk has 3 main components :

    35. A security dealer purchases a particular security in the expectation of rise in price, next day. The payment is to be made for this on next day. Next day the market crashes, due to which he has to borrow the funds, at any cost. In this case :

    36. In addition to the liquidity risk, the risk-----------is present where there is mismatch between the assets and liabilities :

    37. At 99% confidence level, there is ---------possibility of loss being higher that VaR

    38. The relationship between the price and the yield to maturity is-----------:

    39. The rate of discount at which the present value equals the market price of a bond is known as the:

    40. A bond with a face value of Rs.1000 is being sold in the market at Rs. 985. This indicates that :



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