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    21. Bank A lends Rs.10 cr. under BRDS at 7% for 90 days. The effective yield to bank A will be :

    22. The primary and secondary markets are :

    23. The objective of monetary policy followed by RBI is (1) to control the rate of inflation (2) to make available credit to all productive sectors of economy (3) to ensure stability of financial markets :

    24. The mini and maxi CRR that banks are required as per RBI act is as under :

    25. The minimum and maximum SLR that banks are required as per Banking regulation act is as under :

    26. The daily minimum CRR balances should not fall below-------% of the amount required for CRR :

    27. What is minimum and maximum amount of transactions under NEFT :

    28. What type of risk out of the following is taken care of by RTGS :

    29. Fx- clear is operated by :

    30. The major risk the treasury is exposed, out of the following :



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