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    11.The benefit that accures to a treasury, which operates in different markets simultaneously for profit is called :

    12. The raising and deploying short term resources by banks with maturity of one day is called :

    13. The interest on treasury bills is in the form of :

    14. The minimum, maximum and multiple amount of certificate of deposit is as under :

    15. The sale of security with a commitment to repurchase the same security at a later date is referred as :

    16. The RBI makes use of REPO (which one is not correct) :

    17. Govt. securities are issued by whom :

    18. The 7% coupon bond moves from Rs.95 to Rs.98, its yield will :

    19. Why is the price volatility in the case of floating rate instrument is less than that of fixed rate instrument :

    20. A 91 days treasury bill is trading at Rs. 98.59, then its YTM or rear-ended yield will be :


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