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    Bank Promotion Mock Test-01


    Welcome to your Bank Promotion Mock Test-01

    01. RBI’s Monetary and credit policy is reviewed :

    02. the statutory Liquidity ratio [ SLR] cannot be less than ______ of net demand and time liabilities of a bank :

    03. The maximum level up to which statutory Liquidity Ratio can be prescribed by RBI as per BR Act is :

    04. Which investment is not included as part of statutory Liquidity ratio [SLR] assets:

    05. Where a bank fails to maintain statutory Liquidity ratio [SLR], penalty for this:

    06. Under which of the following , maintenance of cash Reserve Ratio by banks is required:

    07.the minimum cash Reserve Ratio – CRR , as per RBI Act is :

    08. the maximum cash Reserve Ratio – CRR, as per RBI Act can be raised by RBI up to:

    09. What is the rate of interest paid on cash Reserve Ratio -CRR balances with RBI :

    10. In case of single [ or individual borrower ], the exposure ceiling as fixed by RBI, is :



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