1.Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking – JAIIB part -8


    Welcome to your 1.Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking - JAIIB part -8

    In a securitization transaction the following documents are required (a) offer document (b) debenture (c) agreement (d) security receipt (e) discharge certificate by the NPA selling bank:

    After receipt of notice of possession from the bank, if the borrower transfers, other than in normal course of business, any of his assets without consent of the bank, what is the punishment under SARFAESI Act:

    When a request for information is rejected by Public Information Officer under right to Information Act, he is not required to communicate to the requester:

    As per Rules under Prevention of Money laundering Act 2002, the banks are not requires to obtain which the following documents while opening account of a company:

    The provision of SARFAESI Act are applicable in which of the following transactions:

    Under provisions of Right to information Act, where the information is supplied by a 3rd party and is treated as confidential by that 3rd party and this information is sought by any person, the Public Information Officer shall give a notice within ____ from date of receipt of such request, to such 3rd party about his intention to disclose the information:

    A complaint that is made to Ombudsman should not relate to an issue (a) already settled by Ombudsman (b) pending with a court (c) already decided by a court (d) where limitation period has expired. Which of the following options is correct:

    When suit is filed by the bank with DRT, DRT summons the defendant requiring him to show cause within ______ days from _____ as to why the relief prayed by the bank, should not be granted

    In which of the following mortgages, the property is transferred by the mortgage absolutely with a condition for retransfer by the mortgagee:

    The presiding officer of DRT is called ______, who is appointed by ______ for _______ or until he achieves age of ______.


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