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Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking – JAIIB part-10


Welcome to your 1.Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking - JAIIB part-10

In the execution of mortgage decree, the decree holder can bring the mortgaged properties to sale:

As a part of corporate governance, the concept of ‘fit and proper’ relates to which of the following aspects:

Under Sale of Goods Act, the term ‘caveat emptor’ stands for:

X sold certain goods to Y for which he is yet to be paid. As long as the payment is not made by Y,X has (a) lien on the goods for the price of the goods the possession of which is with X (b) if Y becomes insolvent, to stop the goods in transit if X has parted with the possession (c) right of re-sale if goods are in possession of X. which of these is correct:

A partnership is a contract with following features (which one is not correct):

X, the natural guardian of M, the minor, wants to mortgage the property in the name of M to secure a loan for the benefit of the minor:

The provisions in respect of enhancing the borrowing powers of the Board of a public limited company or subsidiary of a public limited company, by the shareholders, are given in section… of the Companies Act 2013:

As per SEBI guidelines, the minimum % age of independent directors out of total, should be ______, of a _______ company:

Your branch is approached by a public limited company to open a current account in their name. For the purpose of opening the account, they submit the Memorandum and Articles of Association and other papers along with a resolution passed by the Board of the company in a duly held meeting. It is observed from the Articles of Association that the Board of the company should have five directors for the purpose of business decisions, but the resolution has been passed by 4 directors, as the 5th one is away to UK in connection with a business trip:

Every public limited company must have a managing director or whole time director, where paid up share capital is:



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