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PPB Mock Test-07

PPB Mock Test -07

Welcome to your PPB Mock Test-07

1. A person purchased a lap top for Rs.30000 by raising a loan from the bank at 12% on simple rate of interest, payable in 2 years as weekly payment. The total amount of interest would be Rs.______ and the weekly instalment would be Rs.______.

2. When the balance as per the cash book is staring point, in the reconciliation, the amount of cheques issued and not presented are:

3. Which among the following is not correct in the context of annuity:

4. A person wants to have Rs.2 lac annually for 20 years by investing the amount in an annuity interest rate of 5%. He will have to invest:

5. A sinking fund can be created for using it for (a) pay a loan in lump sum (b) to redeem a bond (c) to buy new machinery (d) to replace a worn out equipment:

6. When the required rate of return is (less than / more than ) the coupon rate, the discount on the bond _______ as maturity approaches:

7. To make provision on bad debts, which of the following journal entry is correct:

8. When the future cash flow from a project is discounted, the project can be accepted if:

9. Internal rate of return (IRR) is the ________ rate at which the net present value of the cash flows from a project is _______.

10. The estimated value of an asset at which it can be dispose of after a given no. of years of useful life is called:



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