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01. As per fair Practice Code for lenders, bankers should be constructive with a view to taking care of any lender-related genuine difficulty that borrower may face, for loans up to Rs.____

02. If an Indian bank has place of business in one state only and has office in Mumbai or Kolkata, what is true regard to the amount of minimum capital

03. Fair Practice Code for lenders is a set of codes which banks are required to follow while dealing with borrowers. This code has been on the insistence of Indian industry after notification of which of the following

04. The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India was constituted on the recommendations of a Committee under Chairmanship of Sh_____

05. Regional rural banks re licenced for banking business under

06. Section 7(1) of RBI Act concerns with which of the following aspects

07. A bank has acquired an immovable property but it has not been able to dispose it of within 7 years. What remedy is available to the bank

08. What is the amount of ceiling on payment of brokerage or commission or discount, or remuneration on sale of shares by a banking company

09. To take care of temporary liquidity problems of central and state govt., what kind of loan is given by RBI

10. As per fair Practice Code for lenders, if a bank receives request from borrower for transfer of his loan account to another bank, the bank is to convey its consent objection within ______ from date of receipt of request



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