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Principle & Practices of Banking Mock Test-04

PPB Mock-04

Welcome to your Principle and Practices of Banking Mock Test- 04

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01. Which of the following can be taken as part of Off-balance sheet items
02. Sales of an MSE unit for the previous year were Rs.200 lac. These are projected at Rws.300 lac for next year. As per Nayak Committee, the level of minimum bank working capital limits to be sanctioned would be
03. Which of the following guarantees, is not a financial guarantee
04. The process of maintenance of account books, discounting of bills and collection of bills on due date is called by a person other than by the seller:
05. Credit risk emanates from a bank’s dealing with
06. Credit risk does not take form of :
07. A letter of credit is defined in which of the following:
08. The forfeiter is an intermediary between
09. The cases of deceased depositors where the claims have been received and are pending beyond the stipulated period are required to be reported to which of the following
10. In a factoring transaction, where the factor retains the right to recover the amount from seller, if payment is not recovered from the buyer of goods, is called



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