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1. When simple rate of interest is calculated, the interest rate % age is expresses as:
2. Identify a personal account out of the following
3. In the case of loan obtained from the bank, the amount repayable is represented by the ______ value and the amount taken represents the ______ value:
4. Which of the following is not true ?
5. A principal amount of Rs.40000 becomes Rs.44400 at simple interest rate of 2.75% in a period of:
6. Amount = Principal (1+r)n is the formula for calculation of :
7. In which of the following, normally, the closing stock is not included:
8. In the context of Rule of 72, which of the following is correct:
9. Where regular payments are required to be made or received for a fixed period of times in the beginning of each period interval, this is called:
10. Mr. Satish has decided to invest Rs.7500 every year for the next 3 years at prevailing rate of 10% p.a Calculate the present value of the amount he is to receive at the end of the period.


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